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Free Tier Pricing

Pay $0 for Evon Hub deployments with up to 10 Server Connections and Unlimited Users.

Cost is $1.46/month per server/user for 11 or more server connections. See below for detailed pricing info.

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Evon is an OpenVPN-based overlay network service that you can deploy on AWS.

An overlay network is like a private LAN that sits ontop of the Internet. You join systems to your overlay network and they can all communicate as if they were on the same local area network. Users can connect to the network and access servers based on permissions.

Evon allows you to:

Detailed Description

Evon Hub is an AMI-provisioned EC2 instance that is deployed to your own AWS account and sits at the centre of your overlay network. It hosts a Web application and API that builds a private network on the subnet (configurable), and creates a virtual network interface on all connected systems with a static IP address. Virtual network links are resilient, and automatically re-establish if systems are power cycled or otherwise loose and regain their Internet connection.

The Hub is exclusively yours and hosts only your own private overlay network. It is reachable via SSH, Web UI or API at your-biz.evon.link. Connected servers are reachable via static IP addresses or via automatically created <hostname>.your-biz.evon.link DNS names. Deployment is easily automated using supplied tools and the API. User and group access to connected servers, as well as inter-server communication, is fully controllable via simple network policies, limiting access to ports and protocols as required.

Evon provides a simple, frictionless, easy to deploy, global virtual network between remote systems that are only reachable via bespoke access systems or that are otherwise unable to communicate with each other. It builds a policy-controlled private subnet for all connected systems availing unified orchestration, limited user or contractor access, full admin access, centralised monitoring and logging, internet gateways, CI/CD and any other network services via the overlay network subnet.

Evon Hub provides a desktop and mobile friendly Web UI, CLI tools and a full-featured REST API with Redoc-generated documentation for management and automation of any aspect of your overlay network, from user and server provisioning to automated deployment, policy control and event log auditing.


Evon uses AWS hourly metered billing, enabling true consumption-based pricing, so customers only pay for what they use, aggregating usage at the end of the month.

Evon Hub is deployed as an EC2 virtual compute instance in AWS Cloud. The cost of running the EC2 instance is charged to you directly by AWS. We recommend using a t2.small instance type which is currently billed by AWS at USD ~$16.79/month.

Below is the pricing schedule for Evon Hub. Quoted prices are $USD.


 Free Tier

 (up to 10 Servers) 

 Paid Tier

 (more than 10 Servers) 

 Per Server Connection 



 Per User



* Users that fall under Paid Tier will be provided with priority support.

Head to AWS Marketplace to subscribe, or contact us to make an enquiry.



Evon - Servers

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Evon - API Docs



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