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LinuxDojo is a training school and consulting practice specialising in
Python, Linux, InfoSec, Big Data and DevOps engineering.

It was formed by a group of experienced engineers working in high-tech
industries including high frequency trading to deliver and teach cutting
edge tech to other organisations.

LinuxDojo is at the forefront of next-generation technology that is used
by modern, highly productive teams and businesses. As veterans in agile,
lean and rapid development methodologies, LinuxDojo engineers are geared
to deliver solutions and training in the most applicable and cost effective
systems currently available. With Linux technology at our core, we're
practitioners of continuous delivery, orchestration and automation systems
that remove operational burden to free up a company's most important
resource - its people.

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What our clients say

A sincere shoutout to Brendan and George who worked with us in February 2017. In the short period that Brendan and George have worked with us here, they built up a really solid CI/CD system as well as robust processes to ensure its effectiveness. Today our engineers deploy more on a daily basis than what we used to do on a weekly basis before they came. And the results have been clearly visible.

- Natalie Nguyen, CEO Hyper Anna

In order to continue to deliver consistent SLA’s and top notch support for our clients, George has assisted us with the highly customised and niche solutions that are often required. His knowledge, experience and skill as a Dev Ops Engineer is truly astounding, not to mention his enthusiasm and passion. George will definitely be a valuable asset to any organisation.

- Troy Garner, General Manager Dark Horse Systems

Through a specifically designed LinuxDojo training program, the efficiency of our dev/production cycles has increased considerably. Our CI/CD process is now the best it’s ever been thanks to George’s holistic approach to DevOps practice and execution.

- Gabby Jarrett, Founder Joviam


We are consulting Linux systems engineers and trainers.

We help businesses optimise their operational workflow and deliver software rapidly.

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