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George Murdocca

George Murdocca, DevOps, Software Engineer and Founder

Sydney born and educated, George began his obsession with technology at the age of seven with his first IBM XT clone PC in 1985. With a passion for practical understanding of systems at a fundamental level, he has enjoyed a successful career since 1999 in information security, Linux sysadmin, systems integration, DevOps and software engineering. Having spent time as a senior Linux engineer in the fast paced High Frequency Trading industry he brought together a group of elite engineers to form a consulting and training practice in LinuxDojo. George has an engineering-centric, results driven attitude, values pragmatism, speed and skill and loves writing code. He also loves imparting his know-how about the empowering world of technology through hands-on teaching. When away from the terminal he's an avid disc golfer, guitarist, snowboarder, father and cook.

Tim Elson, Software Engineer and Data Scientist

Tim is a software engineer and specialist in immutable, idempotent deployments of cloud applications, particularly around production Machine Learning and IoT systems. With a background in computer science and theoretical and mathematical physics, his approach to solving data problems draws from deep understanding and pragmatic implementation. Tim brings a decade of experience around DataOps including handling high volume, low latency data driven functions in fintech and high frequency trading.

Mark Knowles

Mark Knowles, Information Security and Software Engineer

Mark is a master in software engineering, Linux systems and information security. He brings a wealth of practical experience in the commercial, financial and government sectors and is known for his acute attention to detail, high quality code and broad engineering expertise. Mark is multi-lingual developer specialising in Python, Java, C, Perl and shell scripting, and is an accomplished engineer with a deep practical understanding of the inner working of operating systems. This makes Mark an expert in rapid deployment of solutions in large scale environments. Mark's known for his high quality work ethic and professional attitude. He'll also capture anyone's attention about the finer details around Formula 1 or motor sports.


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