Training Policies

LinuxDojo Training Policies


Training consists of instructor-led public classes, which can be conducted in-person training classes, and in-person (classroom) exams if applicable.


Client will receive a 75% refund of paid registration fees only if LinuxDojo receives a notice of cancellation at least 14 calendar days prior to the class start date for classes or the exam date for exams. Client will not be eligible for a refund of paid fees and will not be eligible to reschedule a class or exam if LinuxDojo does not receive a notice of cancellation 14 calendar days prior to the class/exam start date.


Client may reschedule a class or exam up to 14 calendar days prior to the class start date for classes or the exam date for exams.


Client may substitute enrollees at any time prior to the class start date for classes or the exam date for exams. It is the responsibility of client to ensure that the substitute enrollee meets the stated course prerequisites and is provided with any already provided course material.


Failure to attend an exam, or arriving more than 15 minutes after the start time of an exam, will result in forfeiting the exam session and fee, and the Named Participant will not be eligible to reschedule the exam.


Course and exam participation is limited to a registered single Named Participant. Unregistered individuals may not view any exam or course content at any time. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of exam or course content is strictly prohibited.


LinuxDojo reserves the right to add, update, or remove content and other features to the subscription at LinuxDojo’s discretion without notice.


ROLE subscription materials are available in English. LinuxDojo does not represent or warrant that any content will be available in languages other than English.


If the Named Participant or client violates these terms, such as by allowing multiple users access to a single Named Participant’s materials, LinuxDojo may cancel the enrolment for the Named Participant without refund.


For on-site courses, client will supply the facility and equipment as set forth at LinuxDojo Training and Certification classroom requirements. If LinuxDojo agrees to provide the training facilities and hardware, client will be liable for any loss or destruction of the equipment and hardware used in connection with the training. LinuxDojo will not deliver any training or exams on equipment that does not meet LinuxDojo hardware requirements.


Expenses for private on-site classes shall be charged on an event basis as specified at the time of your order and included in your total price, as specified in the order form.


All exam candidates must provide a government-issued identification (ID) at the time of the exam. A government-issued photo ID is preferred and should be provided if available. If no government-issued photo ID is available, candidates must provide two alternate forms of identification. At least one must be government-issued. The other may be from the business or organization for which the candidate works, provided the following criteria are met:

The candidate registered for the course using an email address within the business or organization issuing the ID, and the identification itself includes a recent photograph.
Under no circumstances may a candidate sit for a certification or expertise exam without providing positive photo identification as defined by this policy. LinuxDojo will expunge any certification or credential earned for candidates who have provided falsified information or who are found not to have provided positive identification for exams conducted following the issuance of this policy.


LinuxDojo course and exam content is confidential. Named Participants agree that the integrity of the training and exam process. All content, questions, and solutions must be kept confidential. Named Participants will not share this information with any third party, whether from memory or from notes.

LinuxDojo will make a commercially reasonable effort to provide exam results within 5 business days after the exam date.

Please note that LinuxDojo expects and enforces compliance with these terms. Compliance includes restrictions on discussion of exam-specific information, including discussions with those who are taking an exam with you on the same date. Failure to comply with these confidentiality requirements can result in any or all of the following:

1. Nullification of exam results.
2. Nullification of certifications earned on an earlier date.
3. Being barred from taking any LinuxDojo exams.
4. Exercise of any available legal remedies LinuxDojo may have.


LinuxDojo only reports total exam scores. LinuxDojo will not provide additional information or details beyond the score report. LinuxDojo certification exams measure the ability of individuals to perform tasks unassisted. To this end, the following behaviors are prohibited and may result in the pausing or termination of an exam as it is being delivered or having exam results overturned if evidence of these behaviors is discovered during or after the exam delivery:

- Use of any materials other than those provided in the exam environment.
- Communications with anyone other than an exam's proctor.
- Use of any system other than the one(s) provided specifically to the candidate for the exam.
- Any other means for acquiring an unfair advantage with respect to the content or delivery of an exam.


LinuxDojo does not authorize the publication of its training or exam content by third parties. All candidates represent that they have not used any such third party content in preparing for an exam. Exam results will be vacated and certifications withdrawn for any candidates found in breach of this policy. LinuxDojo reserves the right to bar individuals suspected of such behavior from taking exams.


Contact us at to discuss payment options.


Enrollments for all events and purchases will be confirmed or activated upon receipt of payment or receipt of complete payment information, depending on the method of payment agreed and as provided in the ordering process payment directions.

Course Removal/Cancellation:

LinuxDojo reserves the right to remove or cancel a class if there are no paying students enrolled.

Substitution by LinuxDojo: If LinuxDojo removes a class from its training portfolio, LinuxDojo reserves the right to substitute with a similar class that will be offered at the same location and date.


LinuxDojo reserves the right to change the schedule of a class if prevented from delivering the class by causes beyond LinuxDojo’s reasonable control, such as but not limited to: nonperformance or delays caused by wars, riots, strikes, fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, government restrictions, terrorist acts, or other causes beyond its reasonable control.



LinuxDojo may cancel or reschedule a class at its discretion. In the event of such cancellation LinuxDojo will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide notice of such cancellation 14 calendar days prior to the class start date. Client will not be charged for the LinuxDojo cancellation or rescheduling. LinuxDojo is not liable for expenses incurred for client’s travel expenses or hotel accommodations in the event that LinuxDojo cancels or reschedules an event.


Client is responsible for ensuring it meets the requirements of the event in which it is enrolling. Contact us at for guidance.


All intellectual property embodied in the training products, materials, methodologies, software, and processes provided in connection with the training or developed during the performance of the training (collectively, the “Training Materials”) are the sole property of LinuxDojo or a LinuxDojo Affiliate and are copyrighted by LinuxDojo unless otherwise indicated. Training Materials are provided solely for the use of authorized participants and may not be copied or transferred without the prior written consent of LinuxDojo. Training Materials are LinuxDojo's confidential and proprietary information. Under no circumstances may LinuxDojo Training Materials be posted on the Internet or otherwise electronically distributed.


In order to maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to learning, LinuxDojo reserves the right to dismiss a participant from any LinuxDojo Training or Exam event. A participant who harasses other participant(s) or instructor(s), or who in LinuxDojo's sole judgment acts inappropriately or disruptively during class, may be dismissed from the class or event and may not return to the premises. In case of such dismissal, LinuxDojo’s liability will be limited to the refunding of fees paid by client for the course, and LinuxDojo shall not be responsible for any consequential loss or inconvenience arising whatsoever.


Participants with special needs should notify LinuxDojo of such needs a minimum of two weeks prior to their desired class by having their medical/rehabilitation professional fill out a Special Accommodations Request (SAR) form and return it to LinuxDojo. LinuxDojo will review the request and contact the participant about it.

The SAR form can be downloaded at:


In accordance with our privacy policy, LinuxDojo does not knowingly accept information from minors under the age of 13 online. Moreover, we require parental or guardian consent from minors under the age of 18 who wish to register for LinuxDojo Training. Accordingly, minors (under 18 years old) who desire to register for LinuxDojo Training and/or certification exams must have their parent or guardian read and sign the Parental Consent form and fax it to the indicated contact at LinuxDojo, prior to enrollment.

The Parental Consent form can be downloaded at:


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